Benefits of Choosing an Independent Insurance Agency

independent agencyWhether you are looking for property insurance, flood insurance, or are still deciding on insurance, going with an independent agency is most likely your best bet. An independent agency is going to have unbiased advice for your insurance needs. They will also have a significantly greater amount of local knowledge, for example, if you need New Jersey flood insurance, it doesn’t make much sense to speak with someone in a call center in Texas.

As an independent agency, we also have significant insider knowledge on which companies have a great track record when it comes to customer service and we can help mix and match policies to get you the best coverage at the best price. Here are some of the other top reasons for going independent:

Benefits of Independent Agency Insurance

Phenomenal Customer Service: Whether its for questions about your coverage, reporting a claim, or some other matter of insurance, it is always best to speak with a person who actually knows and understands your account. Automated phone trees are frustrating and a huge waste of your time. When you call in, you want a live human who can help you immediately so that you can get back to the important tasks of the day while we work on the insurance.

Personalized Shopping Experience (but you don’t have to shop!): Shopping around for insurance is one of the least favorite activities of most people. Not only does calling around get you placed on dozens of call-back and marketing lists, it also takes significant time to compare the coverage of each plan and ensure that it meets your needs. Having an independent insurance agency is like having your own private personal shoppers. Give us the parameters of your insurance needs and we will go to work. There is a common misconception that independent agencies make their money by “marking up” the cost of insurance after putting together a package. This is not the case. There is no additional cost on your insurance rate by going independent. We have you covered from reporting claims, to billing, and advocating on your behalf.

Local Expertise: Community knowledge is a very important factor for obtaining the correct insurance. For example, an insurance company out in California will have zero understanding of the New Jersey weather patterns, crime rates and types, and other needs that factor into the type of insurance that you should obtain. Independent agents can help reduce business and personal risk by being aware of the different types of coverage’s that make sense in your area. Additionally, we can help get rid of extra coverage’s that aren’t necessary, because of where you are located.

All Insurance In One Place: Remember how frustrating it is to shop around for car insurance? Imagine that, plus business insurance, plus personal liability insurance, plus general liability, plus…you get the idea. Having to shop around for multiple types of insurance is quite the headache. Do some of the policies overlap? Am I getting covered in all of the areas I need to? Using an independent agency is great for helping you cover all of your insurance needs at the same time. We are already experts in insurance for your area. Just give us the general parameters of what you need and we get to work. Need a bundle of health, life, dental, and business insurance? We can help you get that taken care of. This will significantly reduce the amount of time you have to spend on insurance and get you the best rates possible.

So whatever your insurance needs are, give us a call. No matter your insurance needs – from business to personal – we have experts in every field. Looking to start up a real estate business (about 55% of millennials are)? We have real estate insurance packages ready for you. Need private flood insurance? We have that covered too. We can save you significant amounts of time and money by doing all of the shopping and research for you. Set up a time to come in and sit down with one of our professional independent insurance agents to help you make the most of your insurance needs.